Under California law, persons convicted of certain offenses are eligible to have their criminal records removed from public access. Just because you were convicted of a crime, that alone does not automatically require you to disclose prior misdemeanor or felony convictions that would bar future employment opportunities.

There may be criminal offenses which are stopping you from obtaining things that affect your daily life. Being convicted of a crime may hinder your ability to gain opportunities in employment, schooling or housing.  Getting an expungement will help you regains many freedoms that you may have lost. It is our goal to help our clients put their criminal records behind them for good, allowing them to move forward in life with a fresh start.

Most non-violent offenses that resulted in an actual sentence of one year imprisonment or less are eligible for expungement. You also may be eligible to have your probation terminated or shortened. Being able to exclude prior expunged convictions on future applications such as for employment or schooling can give you the foundation necessary for living a productive life.

If you’re interested in seeing whether you’re eligible for expungement of a past criminal conviction, contact Attorney Andrew Sitzer. He will be able to tell you in minutes whether any or all of your past offenses might be eligible for expungement.