Personal Injury

Let’s be honest, you’ve been hurt and it’s not your fault. You want your previous health and livelihood to be restored.  You want to be compensated for the pain, suffering, and stress this has caused you.  Unfortunately, money is the only form of compensation our system allows. Here at the Law Offices of Andrew D. Sitzer we will fight to make sure that you get the most compensation possible.

If you’ve been injured, you might be negotiating with insurance companies over a settlement amount. What you need to understand is that insurance companies are NOT looking out for you. Insurance companies are trying to keep costs down and that means giving you the lowest amount possible.

We will make sure that your best interests are accounted for. We have years of experience negotiating with insurance companies and litigating cases. If insurance companies are not being reasonable in trying to settle your claim, then we have the experience to litigate the claim to make them pay.

We represent people in a wide variety of personal injury cases. So if you or someone you know has suffered injuries, loss of income, emotional distress, pain and suffering or permanent disability, let us help you!

Call us today for a free consultation. We’ll answer your questions and let you make the decision.